We recently produced a book that talks about larp in the UK over the last four decades; it was full of essays about larp and how to make it. Our next project is going to look at larp in the UK right now. Specifically, what happened during 2017.


The idea of this book is to showcase live role playing in the UK and to show some of the amazing, exciting, and dramatic work we have produced. There is already a Nordic larp yearbook, and other European countries have recently followed suit.


Now it is our turn!


This project is not done to make a profit. The PDF version will be given away for free. If people want to buy a printed copy this will be available as an on-demand order from Lulu at the lowest possible cost - enough to cover printing, production, and P&P only.


How to submit


You submit your entry through this google form. We have a list of questions for you to look at so that when you come to look at the form you can just copy and paste answers into it. We have also added an example entry so you can see the sort of thing we are looking for. Please read it before submitting your own.


The purpose of this book is primarily to document rather than advertise your events, but there will be space in each entry for website links/facebook groups etc. so people who are interested in attending can get in touch.


We are really keen to have photographs that show how amazing your events look. There is an opportunity to upload these. We ask that you have permission from the photographers for the use of their images before you upload them and please make sure they are large images of a high quality (640x480 compressed .jpegs don’t work for books!).


We will edit and proofread your submissions and will send a final version back to you for comment prior to publication. We may ask some supplementary questions if there is anything in particular that the editors think could or should be added.


We reserve the right to reject submissions that do not follow the format, or that do not fulfil the criteria of the book (having at least one event in 2017, in the UK, with photos). We want to showcase a variety of UK larp from different organisers, so in the case that we get too many great submissions, we reserve the right to make a selection to be printed.


The submissions window will be open for 6 weeks from February 13th through to March 21st.


  • List of Questions: click here

  • Example Entry: click here


  • Submission form: click here