After 20 years of rock'n'roll'n'gin
the surviving gothic-punk is rather
thin (on top). But thanks to our
secret formula your mohawk
can be instantly regenerated.

Now here's the science bit ...

Could you tell our mohawked
model was cheating? Didn't think so.
Our hand made mohawks are designed to
look perfectly realistic and stay that way
all day and all night, using techniques
from special FX film make up to bond
to your head!

Each hawk lasts approx. 15 lengthy uses*
55 The Full Monty Kit

Includes everything you need to go
from fully shaven head to full-on mohawk
(except a mirror, hairdryer, and hairspray)

  • 1 hand made mohawk in the colour of your choice
  • Secret formula for attaching the Venom Hawk

    This is recommended for first time
    purchases as it has all our secret

  • 2 Colour Swatch

    (this is redeemable against your next Venom Hawk purchase).

    Colours shown on this page are only approximate.
    If the exact colour is important to you, please purchase
    a colour swatch or email us about colour combinations.
    45 The Single Mohawk

    One hand made mohawk in the colour
    of your choice
    10 The Attachment Kit

    Replacement secret formula set for attaching
    your Venom Hawk

    * Care Instructions are included with all Venom Hawks
    15 Uses is an approximate life expectancy and will depend on how well you treat your Venom Hawk
    If you set fire to it or throw up on it - your Venom Hawk will not last long
    If you wash it gently and store it carefully your Venom Hawk will last much longer